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UNEDITED VIDEO: State trooper car strikes skateboarder

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - A NSFW video showing a Virginia State Trooper striking a skateboarder with his police cruiser was published to YouTube Wednesday, and pushed out on social media bysuperstar skateboarder Tony Hawk.

CBS 6 covered the story Wednesday, reaching out to the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Commonwealth University Police Chief, John Venuti. On Thursday CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown spoke with the teen who was filming the incident.

He told CBS 6 that he shot the video back in February, almost six months ago, but just posted it only this week. He spoke about what happened in the moments after the trooper plowed into his friend.

He said that after the accident, at the trooper's request, they ended up in an alley behind a VCU dorm.

Austin Plantinga said the video went viral because it involves a state trooper; the video resonating with people “because those are the people who are supposed to be protecting us, not running us over--and he was not even in the road.”

Max Mattoon says it's ironic that his friend Tim, the guy that was hit in the video, was actually watching out for cars for another friend who was trying a skateboarding trick. That’s why the cameras were rolling.

They saw a cop make a “crazy illegal turn” and started filming. Then the officer “gunned it into Tim,” said Mattoon, who gave CBS 6 the entire video clip.

The clip that went viral was edited, and is cut in such a way that could insinuate the officer quickly left the scene [Scroll down to see the edited version.] More than a few people contacted CBS 6, and many commented on the officer’s decision to seemingly depart the scene so quickly.

In the full clip you can see the trooper stop and ask Mattoon's friend if he was okay.

State police told CBS 6 they reviewed the full tape and found that the trooper followed proper procedures. CBS 6 did find out that the trooper is still employed with the state police, and followed up with some questions for the department about protocol when a trooper is in an accident.

We asked if a drug test was automatically given and also if another trooper is dispatched to the scene. CBS 6 also asked if a police report was done and if the trooper was cited for making the U-turn.

State police were tight-lipped about their answers. In a statement our station was advised we'd have to put in a formal Freedom of Information Act request and pay the designated fees required for them to research the information.

On Wednesday Sergeant Molnar said that Virginia State Police "are aware of this video as this incident occurred approximately nine months ago in the City of Richmond near the VCU campus."

"I do not have any other details to provide to you," said Sergeant Molnar. "This is a personnel matter and state police does not have further comment on this matter."

Despite the fact that the video was shot on the VCU Monroe Park Campus, VCU Police Chief John Venuti said he was unaware of the incident before it was brought to his attention by CBS 6 Wednesday afternoon.

Venuti said that at no point has Virginia State Police contacted him about what happened or any investigation pertaining to it.