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Chesterfield woman dies after being arrested for animal cruelty charges

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CHESTERFIELD, Va (WTVR) - Joan Miles, who lives in Chesterfield, still can't process that her roommate Sharon Mulcahy of three years won't be coming back.

"I still can't believe she's gone," said Miles.

Last month Sharon, in her early 60s, was arrested for leaving her two dogs in a hot car while she was visiting her mother in Baltimore. Mulcahy left her mother's home and became ill right after and checked into a hotel where dogs were not allowed.

"The person I know and knew for so long and knew her relationship and how much she loved those dogs, she wouldn't have done that," Miles told CBS 6 Reporter Chelsea Rarrick.

Mulcahy's family attorney said Sharon died shortly after being released from jail. Her family said she's dead because police took her to a medical unit in Central Booking instead of an emergency room in Baltimore.

"I think their first concern should have been her health," said Miles.

Joan told CBS 6 that Sharon's health had been going down ever since she fell last October. She said Sharon had iron infusions monthly and had a portacath.

"It became infected, and I heard that was one of the causes of death," said Miles.

The family's attorney said they are looking at possible lawsuits against the city and healthcare providers at the jail.