When we’ll see more rain this week

Alaska rides out heat wave, suffers “Baked Alaska” joke

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Holgate Public Use Cabin at Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska has a roof and four walls but no water or electricity. Located 2-4 hour boat trip or 35-minute flight from Seward, it's only open during the summer months.

Alaska has been baking over the last week as a high-pressure weather system caused record-breaking temperatures.

What are record-breaking temperatures in Alaska you ask?

In some parts, temperatures in the mid and upper 70’s broke records. In Anchorage, the state’s largest city, 81 was enough to break the old record.

The town of Talkeetna was among the areas that got really hot — it was 96 on Monday, shattering a record high of 91 set back in 1969.

Most places in Alaska are not air-conditioned, as temps rarely require use of it.

The National Weather Service says things should cool off as the week goes on.