Guardian of special needs child says bus delay is ‘unacceptable’

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--Thursday morning, a special needs ninth grader was waiting for the school bus, just like every school day.

But as the clock hands moved past 6:30 this morning, the teens guardian started getting worried. She says after seven o'clock she called Richmond Public Schools for an answer and was told a bus was coming, but that several drivers were out.

Then eight o'clock rolls past, next nine o'clock.  It was 9:20 Thursday morning when a regular school bus arrives to pick up the student.

The aunt  raising the teen says its unacceptable. The school system said they were unable to give her a time when a bus would arrive, which was almost three hours late.

The school system admits, multiple bus drivers out of Thursday caused multiple problems. But they say, they won't let this happen again.

The guardian says all she needed was a phone call so she could have been better prepared.

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