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Senators Kaine, Warner respond to IRS targeting groups

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Senator Tim Kaine (D - Virginia) released the following statement in response to recent reports the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted organizations based on ideology:

“I am very concerned about allegations the IRS targeted certain groups seeking tax-exempt status on political grounds, including a Virginia-based organization. There’s no excuse for ideological discrimination in our system. The Administration should take swift action to get to the bottom of this to ensure those responsible for misconduct are held accountable and establish appropriate safeguards to prevent this from ever happening again."

Sen. Mark R. Warner (D - Virginia) released the following statement in response to recent reports that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted certain organizations based on political ideology:

“These appalling actions by the IRS are completely unacceptable. We need a quick but thorough investigation, and those who are found to have been responsible for this betrayal of the public trust should be fired.”

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