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Iowa man bites dog to save wife

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GRIMES, Iowa (WHO) - An Iowa woman is in the hospital after a dog attacked her, her husband and the couple's dog last Sunday.

Caren Henry says a 50 to 60 pound Labrador mix headed towards her and started attacking her while she was walking her dog.

Henry tells our affiliate WHO that she had sunglasses on at the time.  She says if she didn't, the dog may have taken her eyes and nose.

Her husband, Laine, was driving to pick her up when he saw the dog attack her.

"Caren turned and looked at me and I seen her face was nothing but blood, so I bit the dog literally in the nose," Laine Henry says.  "He let go and I grabbed our dog and I grabbed her, and I put them in our pick-up and took off."

The dog also bit Caren's thigh and abdomen and will several reconstructive surgeries to fix her nose.

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