Chad Johnson helps homeless man ‘Pork Chop’

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MIAMI (WPTV) — Former Miami Dolphin Chad Johnson is going viral this week, not for his past run-in with the law or his messy divorce, but for what many are calling an act of kindness.

While walking around South Beach in Miami Saturday, Johnson was approached by a homeless man who asked him to buy him an alcoholic beverage. But Johnson decided he wanted to do more for the man, who told him his nickname is “Pork Chop.”

Johnson spent the day with Pork Chop, treating him with various treats and posting photos of their day together on his Twitter account.

First, Johnson bought him a few beers and joined him for some drinks together on the sidewalk.

Johnson then bought Pork Chop a G-shock watch, and hung around a club to listen to some music together, according to his tweets.

Next up, Johnson took Pork Chop to Urban Outfitters, where he bought him some new clothes.

Once he had Pork Chop dressed to impress, the two went out to a nightclub, where Johnson got him into a VIP section.

Johnson was released last year from the Dolphins after being arrested for domestic violence after an argument with his wife, Evelyn Lozada.

The two later divorced.