Suspicious package calls rise after Boston bombings

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)—Does it seem like every day there is a suspicious package warning?

First responders here in Central Virginia continue to investigate calls of suspicious packages, and confirm that the number of calls have gone up slightly, since the bombings in Boston.

"I think that generally there is, you know, there have been more calls because I think the level of awareness has been heightened due to the more recent events and that's to be expected," Lt. Robbie Hagaman, with the Richmond Fire Department, said.

Henrico County has also seen a slight increase in the number of suspicious bags as well.

"Since the Boston bombings, of course those call numbers have gone back up and that's just people being aware of their surroundings, being vigilant," Captain James Mellon with Henrico County Fire, said.

First responders say they continue to handle each call, not as a suspicious package, but a potential explosive.

They say people calling 911 is the best way to keeping the public safe.