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Amanda Knox breaks silence for interviews

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Amanda Knox remains a free woman, although she still waits to see if she will be re-tried for murder in Italy.

Until recently, she has remained silent about her years in an Italian prison. Now, she is telling her side of the story.

On the pages of People magazine, in a glossy rollout timed to the release of her new book, "Waiting to be Heard," Knox is breaking her silence.

And also in a primetime special; it’s an interview the world has been waiting to hear.

In People magazine, the 25-year-old speaks candidly about life in prison.

"One of the things that sustained her, she has a family photo album and she is so lonely she's caressing the pictures,” said Betsy Gleick, Exec. Editor, People Magazine.

So lonely...she tells that she thought about suicide.

"She talked about, you know, would you do it in the shower and there's this little window in the shower and it would be all fogged up so nobody could see her and she would bleed to death and it would be a peaceful death,” said Gleick.

Knox -- then a college exchange student in Italy -- spent nearly four years in prison after she and her Italian boyfriend were convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher, Knox’s then roommate.

Details emerged of a kinky sex game gone wrong.

Knox was dubbed a femme fatale; the media ate it up.

"An attractive young woman.  It's taking place overseas, there's this issue of 'was the wrong person accused or weren't they?' said Gleick.

“Let's face it Alfred Hitchcock made movie subjects like this for 50 years,” she said.

Then, two years later -- 2011 -- following a dramatic turn of events involving bad evidence, the convictions were overturned.

"Thank you to everyone who's believed in me, who's defended me,” Knox says, telling People:  "I’m not a murderer."

"I wanted to lay myself out in a completely honest way,” Knox said. “It was, 'you can judge me, but this is what you have to judge me on.'"

"'she's studying in Seattle, she has a boyfriend, she's really, really close to her family,” Gleick said.

But returning to regular life has presented its challenges.

Knox says she had trouble using her iPhone, had no idea what Twitter was, and one night while watching David Letterman she found herself the subject.

"His top ten list that night is the Top Ten questions Amanda Knox would ask.  And one of the things on his list was who was Justin Bieber.  And Amanda says she turned to her family and she's like, 'who is Justin Bieber?'" Gleick explained.