Henrico doctor accused of inappropriately touching two female patients

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va (WTVR) -- Today Dr. Anada Chellappan, along with his lawyer Joe Morrissey, was inside courtroom one to answer to several charges of sexual battery.  During the nearly hour-long proceeding, the judge ultimately decided Chellappan would have to return next month for a newly scheduled status hearing.

Dr. Chellappan was accused by a patient of his to have "fondled her breasts."  In December 2012, the Henrico doctor was asked to voluntarily come to police headquarters for an interview.  During the interview Chellapan's lawyer alleged, the doctor was questioned by a detective in a way that warranted his Miranda Rights be read.  But they were not.  According to the Commonwealth's attorney the interview did not require the need to read Chellappan his Miranda Rights because the interview never threatened the suspects Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer self-incriminating questions.

But Morrissey argued the detective's questions, soon turned to accusations.  Reading from his notepad Morrissey said after reviewing the 25-minute police interview, the detective at several times made statements towards the doctor instead of asking questions.  Morrissey read from his notes, statements he transcribed from the interview to include, "I know you (Chelleppan) havebeen investigated before."  Morrissey also said the detective at one point even said to his client, "Touching her like you did is against the law....are you sure you didn't give her money to make her feel better?"

In the end the judge rejected the defense motion to dismiss the case due to a Miranda Rights violation.

Additionally, Dr. Chellappan will also have to answer to a second charge of sexual battery from another woman.  The second alleged victim came forward last March also claiming she was inappropriately touched.

Dr. Chellappan is set to appear back in court May 14 at 9:00, to learn whether or not the judge will allow the Commonwealth's attorney to try the two cases separately.