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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -A New Jersey man who used social media to find his birth parents has successfully found his birth mother’s family.

Over the weekend Dave Killough posted on Facebook, urging people to like and share his photo so more people see it online. Killough knows he was born in Richmond on Sept. 17, 1967. He also knows he was born at Johnston-Willis Hospital.

His plan worked. Since posting the message Saturday, Killough said his photo has been shared thousands of times, which led him to find his birth mother’s family.

Killough discovered his birth mother died a few years back. He also learned she worked in the medical field in the Richmond area.

He still hasn’t found his birth father. But he said, it’s likely he also worked in the medical field with his mother.

On his facebook page, he said he believes with all the help he has already gotten, he should be able to find his father as well.

He said he wanted to learn his family’s medical history for the sake of his own two children. He also said he wanted to thank his birth parents for making the decision they made to put him up for adoption.

“They had a lot of choices back then,” Killough said.

He added he was not necessarily looking to form a relationship with his birth family, though he is open to the possibility.

Killough said the state of Virginia knows his mother’s name, but apparently cannot find her. He said he hoped his viral Facebook message provides those clues.Click here to leave Killough a message on Facebook.