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Students accused in bus driver attack take plea deal

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- A group of Richmond middle school students admitted they attacked their bus driver as part of a plea deal Wednesday.

The group of students were facing felony assault charges, but video of the incident convinced prosecutors to reduce the charge to misdemeanor assault and battery.

Five of the six students took the plea agreement and, after prosecutors watched the video, charges were dropped for one student.

The other five admitted they attacked their bus driver after he pulled over because he was being pelted with crayons.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Edward Nickel said what ensued showed everyone involved did play a role.

"There was unfortunate behavior that happened all around that day," Nickel said. "I think that it is fair to say that the juveniles who were on that bus, acted inappropriately and it's certainly safe to say the bus driver acted inappropriately that day."

The five could have faced 30 days in a detention center, but prosecutors said none of them had been in trouble before. As a result, the teens will be placed on probation.

The mother of the student who had the charges dismissed is relived the ordeal has come to a close.

"I was destroyed cause... I have a good kid and I'm going to still claim it," Robyn Allen said. "I still have a good kid, I just wanted this to hurry up and be over with so he can fulfill l his dream, go back to school and get his education and his basketball career."

The bus driver, who was at the courthouse, declined to comment on the case.