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Henrico mother accused of putting baby in dryer enters plea

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- The Henrico County woman accused of wrapping her newborn baby girl in a plastic bag and putting the infant in a dryer entered two guilty Alford pleas Tuesday.

That was an indication to the judge that Angela Janecka believes there is enough evidence to find her guilty.

During Tuesday 's bench trial, the prosecutor gave a disturbing account of what happened to the baby born at Janeka's home.

The baby nearly lost her life because she was trapped inside of a plastic bag.

The prosecutor said the woman, in an attempt to keep from having a baby went to great lengths to fool her husband.

In court the prosecutor told the judge that Angela Janecka attempted to get an abortion three times because her husband did not want anymore children.

When that didn't happen she is accused of lying to her husband, telling him a doctor said her baby was stillborn but that she still had to carry the baby longer and then deliver her.

The prosecutor says Janecka lied about seeing a doctor which she never did during her entire pregnancy.

She told the judge when Janecka went into labor one night the woman told her husband that the next day she would go to the doctor for the stillborn delivery.

In truth, the prosecutor said Janecka delivered the baby at home, put her in a pillow case then placed her in a plastic Food Lion grocery store bag and tried to hide the infant in the dryer.

The woman's husband came from work later and found the baby in the dryer.

The judge learned it was Janecka's husband who urged her to call 911 because the baby was still alive.

The prosecutor says on the 911 call Janecka could be heard telling the dispatcher that "it's a miracle."

The infant was placed in foster care and still remains with that family in the Richmond area.

Janecka's attorney said that the family's eight-year-old son moved away to Florida with his father.

The couple is not divorced says attorney Brice Lambert.

The Henrico mother will be sentenced in July and could face up to 15 years in prison.