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List of Richmonders running the Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon explosion (PHOTO: CBS News)

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The following is list of Boston Marathon runners who’ve listed Richmond, Virginia as their hometown. Click here to search the list.

  1. Ackerly, John (USA)
  2. Anderson, Samuel (USA)
  3. Berger, Bruce (USA)
  4. Blanton, Nicole (USA)
  5. Bruce, Brandon (USA)
  6. Buller, Leslie (USA)
  7. Calos, Stefan (USA)
  8. Campbell, Steven (USA)
  9. Carrier, Chris (USA)
  10. Casey, Thomas (USA)
  11. Chafe, Weldon (USA)
  12. Chessin, Laura (USA)
  13. Cummings, Melissa (USA)
  14. Cusack, Sean (USA)
  15. Davey, Timothy (USA)
  16. Davi, Michael (USA)
  17. Decamps, William (USA)
  18. Dillard, Scott (USA)
  19. Dougherty, John (USA)
  20. Fernandez, Douglas (USA)
  21. Ficor, James (USA)
  22. Gardner, Jennifer (USA)
  23. Gatesman, Travis (USA)
  24. Gibrall, Philip (USA)
  25. Herring, Marion (USA)
  26. Hester, Benjamin (USA)
  27. Hetherington, Deborah (USA)
  28. Hopper, Katherine (USA)
  29. Huddleston, Terri (USA)
  30. Jacoby, Anne (USA)
  31. Johnson, Bridget (USA)
  32. Kelly, Bill (USA)
  33. Kloepping, Heather (USA)
  34. Lewis, Gordon (USA)
  35. Mims, Bill (USA)
  36. Minnick, Deb (USA)
  37. Murray, Jeffrey (USA)
  38. O’Hagan, Kevin (USA)
  39. Oliver, Kyra (USA)
  40. Romano, Zoe (USA)
  41. Ryan, Stephanie (USA)
  42. Shourds, Michael (USA)
  43. Smith, Brady (USA)
  44. Stanley, Ann (USA)
  45. Swain, Melanie (USA)
  46. Thompson, Jim (USA)
  47. Thompson, Lauren (USA)
  48. Tolbert, Vicki (USA)
  49. Tyler, Brittany (USA)
  50. Waddell, Rob (USA)
  51. Ware, Cheryl (USA)
  52. Yester, Jessie (USA)