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Storms cause damage in southwestern Va.

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CARROLL COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- The National Weather Service says the storm that ripped through a Carroll County community early Friday morning was most likely straight-line winds.

WDBJ reports that neighbors in the small southwestern Virginia community of Coon Ridge are  cleaning up after the storm shattered windows and scattered debris.

Early Friday morning, on a small stretch of country road, Beverly Cox got an ugly wake up call. Winds may were as high as 80 miles an hour.

"It busted our front door open," Cox said. "I was so disoriented that I didn't know which way to go,"

The wind came crashing through an area, about two-tenths of a square mile.

State Trooper Charles Campbell grew up in the area and said the damage could have been worse.

"Mostly roofs and trees and outbuildings and smaller structures that were taken off their foundations and blown into the buildings or the occupied dwellings and caused some damage to them," Campbell said.

Around sunrise neighbors were coming out in the rain, looking at the leftovers in their yards and hanging from the trees.

"Basically I'm trying to gather my thoughts together and see if we can get a crew in here just some of my guys that work for me see if we can clean up wrap up the roofs and stuff like that to prevent any more further damage," resident Ron Nichols said.

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