Uniforms fill City Council meeting to fight mayor’s pay cuts

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--Uniforms packed Richmond city council chambers Monday night .

"Unfortunately I guess the old adage that says promises are made to be broken holds true," said one Richmond Police Officer.

Richmond's public safety employees said they need a raise and that after five years they deserve one.

"We live and breathe our jobs, we become part of this community and make it a safer, healthier and much more beautiful place,” said a Richmond firefighter.

Police and firefighters are using collective force to fight the mayor's budget proposal that would freeze their step pay scale until 2015. The scale guarantees law enforcers and firefighters receive a 2 and a half percent raise yearly.

The step scale has been frozen since 2009.

"We've done our job, we need you to support us, regardless of what the mayor might ask," said Stacy Rogers of the Richmond Police Department.

The mayor's budget plan that would close a $30 million dollar gap does give all city employees a 2 percent raise. Additionally  all Richmond city employees have had to take a hit with the bad economy.

They also haven’t seen raises in several years. Public safety employees hope the message gets through.

"For them to show up in the mass numbers that they did tonight I hope will speak volumes to city council," said Rogers.