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Restaurant owner takes revenge on no-show customers

(WTVR) — A popular restaurant in Beverly Hills had a big problem with folks who did not show up for their reservations last weekend.

The problem was so bad the restaurant owner took to calling out customers via Twitter.

The owner of the famed restaurant Red Medicine, Noah Ellis, tweeted the names of customers who were no-shows during the dinner rush, according to a report on Yahoo.

UCLA Bruins guard Kyle Anderson was one of the accounts tagged, but it remains unclear if he skipped out on the reservation — or just shares a name with the person who made the reservation.

Ellis told the website Eater LA that no-shows puts restaurants between a rock and a hard place.

“Invariably, the a**holes who decide to no-show, or cancel 20 minutes before their reservation (because one of their friends made a reservation somewhere else) ruin restaurants (as a whole) for the people who make a reservation and do their best to honor it,” he told the site. “Either restaurants are forced to overbook and make the guests (that actually showed up) wait, or they do what we do, turn away guests for some prime-time slots because they’re booked, and then have empty tables.”

What do you think? Should Ellis have called customers out on Twitter? Scroll down and leave a comment.


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