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Panera pay-what-you-want concept expands

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ST LOUIS (WTVR) — Panera is expanding its pay-what-you-want menu concept to all of the chain’s locations in the St. Louis market.

The Washington Post reports the moves comes three years after Panera began its first pay-what-you-want cafe, a charitable venture.

The St. Louis-based chain rolled out the latest trial to all of its 48 locations in the St. Louis market.

Customers at those locations will be able to pay whatever price they choose for one item on the menu: turkey chili in a bread bowl. The suggested price is $5.89.

Panera touts the concept as its “Meal of Shared Responsibility.” Those who can afford to pay more can do so. Those who are strapped for cash can pay less.

About 60 percent of customers pay the suggested price, Panera Bread Foundation’s Kate Antonacci told the Washington Post. Additionally, the remainder are split between customers who pay more or less than the listed price.

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