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Ex-SEAL: Americans know too much about bin Laden raid

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - What went down inside Osama bin Laden’s compound the night he was killed is still somewhat of a mystery. However, some people have been trying to satisfy your imagination.

There have been movies attempting to recreate the action of the elite team of SEALS who killed bin Laden. There was also a book written, ‘No Easy Day,” in which a Seal depicts what happened that night in May 2011. [RELATED: Bin Laden shooter in dispute]

Now, there's another SEAL coming forward, with a different version of the story, published in Esquire magazine. In it, the SEAL claims he is the one who shot and killed bin Laden.

“Reading the story, it just doesn't add up,” former Navy SEAL John McGuire said. He said the SEAL who killed bin Laden would never publicly admit to doing so.

“It just goes against what Navy SEALS are all about,” McGuire said.

In the magazine publication, the SEAL is dubbed, "The Shooter.” He claims to have found bin Laden in his bedroom, standing up and a gun within reach. “The Shooter” said it was then that he fired two shots into bin Laden's forehead, killing him.

“We're all really surprised about folks who are writing stuff up about this and doing other things,” McGuire said.

Other SEALS, former and active have come forward, debunking the shooter's story. McGuire said stories about bin Laden's death threaten America’s safety.

He said Americans only need to know that bin Laden was killed, not every detail.

“Americans know too much and it would be nice for it to disappear,” McGuire said.