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Did you see a meteor Friday night?

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)- Central Virginians saw the sky light up Friday evening.

CBS 6 News received multiple calls concerning a possible meteor around 8 p.m.

Donald Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program in Pasadena, Calif., told The Associated Press  he’s aware of the reports and says that they appear to be consistent with a meteor shower. He also said that he didn’t know the cause of the Friday night sightings. He said meteor showers are not that rare, but added “it’s unusual to have so many people see it.”

Yeomans said meteor showers don’t typically reach the ground. He said they’re generally made up of chunks of asteroids that enter the earth’s atmosphere, and if small enough, “burn up after putting on a good show.”

Kim Fox, from Thurmont, Md., got video of the possible meteor on her home security camera and sent it to our DC affiliate WUSA9.

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