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Who is VCU’s ‘coolest’ student?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Right about now you are likely looking at your NCAA bracket in an attempt to figure out which teams to advance to the Final Four. While there are many ways to compare the schools, Sports Illustrated decided to list the “coolest person” who went to the 68 schools represented in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Of course, Sports Illustrated did not indicate how it decided who was “cool” and who was “uncool.”

Unfortunately, the three Virginia schools did not rank high on the ‘cool’ list:

#61. Liberty University – Sid Bream (former Major League baseball player)

#57. VCU – the founding members of GWAR (music)

#43. James Madison University – Steve James (Hoops Dreams filmmaker)

By the way, my school, Syracuse University, ranked #3 with singer Lou Reed.

My boss’s school, Missouri, ranked #1 with actor Brad Pitt.

Who was the coolest person who went to your school?