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VCU pep band gets down with Al Roker in network appearance

NEW YORK (WTVR) – The VCU basketball team plays in the A-10 tournament in Brooklyn tonight. Alongside the team the entire time has been the VCU Pep Band and they are making their mark in New York.

“The Peppas,” as they are also known, and Rodney the Ram made an appearance on The Today Show this morning with Al Roker on top of a double-decker bus the band rented and decorated just for the occasion.

The Peppas are keeping Rams fans’ spirits high as the team enters the tournament.

Look for them on top of the double-decker havoc buses around NYC!

The Rams play St. Joseph’s tonight at 6:30. Look for coverage from Jake Burns and Lane Casadonte on CBS 6.


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