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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  (CNN) – A North Little Rock man is on a mission to get his missing iPad back and he has a big lead that’s making a splash on social media.

A woman is sending goofy pictures of herself to him through the device, but it is unclear if she is knowingly sending them.

Her face is all over Facebook but her name is also unknown. She may not even be a criminal, but she is the main suspect of a personal investigation by one North Little Rock man.

“I have no idea whether or not somebody will say, ‘Hey, I know this person,’” Allen Engstrom, owner of the iPad says.

For now, he’s having some fun with it.


“Every time I get a picture of her it’s like a continuing fountain of entertainment,” he says.

It started out as a pesky problem amongst the family devices.

“My son will take a picture on his iPod and it will end up on my iPhone.”

That is the feature of iCloud.

When he left his iPad on an airplane it was lost and stolen, somehow landing in this woman’s hands.

She’s been taking pictures of herself with his iPad, apparently not knowing they’re getting back to him and his family so he’s going to take a picture of himself in hop that it will get back to her.

Engstrom says he just wants his iPad back.

There are ways to pinpoint most Apple products through an app called Find My iPhone. It allows you to track a device on a map and lock the device, displaying a message or even have it play a sound.  Engstrom unfortunately didn’t have it or its location on.

“It’s sad that somebody lost their device,” Zach McDonald, one of The iPhone Guys says.

McDonald says the phone could be gone for good because the location setting was not turned on.  He says Engstrom will have to rely on the goodwill of social media.

Engstrom’s friends and a fan club that has developed over social media have taken it and ran with it.

“People are telling me it’s going viral right now,” Engstrom says.

Some are investigating, but most are simply poking fun.