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Can VDOT budget handle a March snowstorm?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - In the beginning of snow season, Virginia Department of Transportation has plenty of supplies and funds.

But is there enough still left over to handle a March snowstorm?

VDOT says yes.

"We are about halfway through our budget for snow removal right now," Dawn Eishen, a spokesman for VDOT, said. "That leaves us with ample room for any responses that we need to do."

The Richmond District was allocated about $10 million for snow removal this year. According to VDOT, about six million dollars worth remains.

While VDOT workers prep for snow, residents are prepping as well. Jeffrey Hill bought several bags of salt Monday at Pleasants Hardware in preparation of the storm.

"March is a funny month. I have seen some bad snowstorms in March," Hill said.