Some programs spared from the sequester

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- Many programs are already bracing to become a casualty of the sequester.  But there are a few silver linings, as some entitlement programs including unemployment benefits, the food stamp program and Pell Grants for college students are being spared from the cuts.

Congress waited until the last day to strike a deal on federal spending cuts, without being able to come reach a conclusion.  With no agreement between Congress and the White House, the sequestration cuts $85 billion from the federal budget--starting at some time before midnight Friday.

"It's scary," VCU Junior Michael Rosaled said.

Some members of Congress even headed out of town before the deadline, making say for the sequester to move in.

"Especially because it affects everyone, the sooner they get it done the better," VCU Sophomore Brandon Alness said.

Virginia is expected to be one of the hardest hit states, costing the Commonwealth millions in funding for primary and secondary education; as well as government jobs-especially military support.

While some services are being slashed others are being spared, like social security benefits, medicaid and Pell Grants for college students.

"I do live off my grants, I do need that to continue my education,."Rosaled said.