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LIVE UPDATES: Saturday snow

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Now that the snow has tapered off, our attention turns to temperatures lowering into the 20s overnight.  This means wet roads in the Metro Richmond area could turn to patches of black ice during the early morning hours.

CBS 6 will closely be tracking the storm overnight.  Click refresh on the page for updates throughout the day, and scroll down to see all the entries.

Megan Woo February 17, 20137:35 am

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Alix Bryan February 16, 20139:43 pm

Right now we have no closings, but if they come in, they will update here:

Alix Bryan February 16, 20137:49 pm

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Alix Bryan February 16, 20137:42 pm

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Alix Bryan February 16, 20137:15 pm

From Mike Goldberg:
Snow is now tapering off across much of central Virginia. However, a bit more is likely through the evening to the east of Metro Richmond, from the Northern Neck to Williamsburg and south to the North Carolina line.

An inch or two may accumulate across this region, and a Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until 1 A.M.

Our attention will now turn to the temperatures lowering into the 20s. This will cause wet roads to become slick in spots overnight, with patches of black ice forming during the early morning hours. Tomorrow will be a windy and cold day, with temperatures in the 30s and wind chills likely remaining below the freezing mark.

The work week will start with a quiet and seasonably cold day on Monday. Then the next storm will move in on Tuesday, producing good rain chances as temperatures rebound into the 50s.

Alix Bryan February 16, 20137:14 pm

Alix Bryan February 16, 20136:06 pm

An update from meteorologist Carrie Rose – WTVR CBS 6

“BLACK ICE alert! Tonight, temperatures will fall well below freezing…and that means any wetness on the pavement will freeze. Expect black ice to be a problem from your front porch steps to your driveway to the untreated roads. This will be a problem for you Sunday morning folks getting out and about.”

Megan Woo February 16, 20134:46 pm

VDOT says slick road conditions are expected overnight.

“Air and pavement temperatures are expected to fall below freezing around midnight, resulting in the possibility of icy driving conditions in the region. Drivers are advised to limit travel overnight through 10 a.m. tomorrow due to the potential for black ice.

VDOT and contractor crews will apply sand and salt overnight through early tomorrow to moist pavement as needed, focusing on areas that typically freeze first – bridges, overpasses and ramps. The sand provides traction and salt helps to melt ice. However, drivers must reduce their speed in icy conditions, even when roads have been treated.”

For more information, check for the latest closures and updates.

Alix Bryan February 16, 20134:43 pm

Pic below is snow beginning to stick in Henrico. You can send YOUR pics to or, even easier, just download our new app. It’s a snap (pun intended) to submit pics and video.

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Alix Bryan February 16, 20134:41 pm

Megan Woo February 16, 20134:39 pm

Megan Woo February 16, 20134:38 pm

From Chief Meteorologist Zach Daniel:

“Light to moderate snow continues to fall across central and eastern Virginia, with the snow now beginning to stick on grassy surfaces in the Richmond metro area. Surface temperatures are ranging from 32-34 degrees in areas along the western edge of the precipitation. Southeast and eastern Virginia will see snow lasting well into tonight where 1-3″ of total snowfall is likely. A winter weather advisory remains in affect for these areas. The snowfall forecast map posted yesterday afternoon still holds for what I expect to see from this system.”

Megan Woo February 16, 20134:35 pm

Carrie Rose February 16, 20133:49 pm

@SouthernRedRose: Light snow at CCV James River trying to stick to ground:

Scott Wise February 16, 20133:37 pm

Click here to track the snow using the CBS 6 Interactive Radar:

Megan Woo February 16, 20133:22 pm

Megan Woo February 16, 20133:17 pm

Megan Woo February 16, 20131:32 pm

Taken by Nick Edwards.

Megan Woo February 16, 20131:27 pm

Taken in Stony Creek by Sue Bradley Moss-Vaughan.

Alix Bryan February 16, 201311:10 am

Here is Mike Goldberg’s Saturday forecast!

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Alix Bryan February 16, 201310:49 am

This photo was submitted by a viewer, and was taken around 7 a.m. Saturday.

Alix Bryan February 16, 201310:47 am

And some fell in Oregon Hill, little flakes with no accumulation.

Alix Bryan February 16, 201310:47 am

Here’s snow falling earlier, in Henrico.

Alix Bryan February 16, 201310:46 am

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