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VIDEO: Condor flies away from handler at hockey game

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (WTVR) -- A California hockey team's special guest stole the show during the national anthem on Friday night.

A condor named Queen Victoria was center ice at the Bakersfield Condors game with her wrangler when she bolted.

Her wrangler, Joe the Birdman, tried to get her, but it was a bit of a slippery situation between the big bird and the rink. Joe even took a tumble on the ice.

Queen Victoria bounced around the rink and eventually got into the Condors' penalty box and made her way down the players' tunnel.

This was the first -- and probably last -- condor to visit the team.

The Andean condor is among the largest birds in the world that are able to fly and can weigh up to 33 pounds.