Super ratings for Super Bowl in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Super Bowl XLVII had one of the highest overnight ratings in Super Bowl history, according to CBS. The network said more than 108 million people watched Sunday’s Super Bowl – the third most ever.

Nielsen reported the game scored a 48.1 rating and 71 share in its select measurement of big cities.

The ratings in Richmond ranked among the Top 10 cities in the nation.

Top Ten Highest Rated Markets (HH Rtg)

  1. Baltimore – 59.6 rating
  2. New Orleans – 57.1 rating
  3. Washington, DC – 56.9 rating
  4. Norfolk55.8 rating
  5. Dayton – 54.6 rating
  6. Columbus, OH – 54.3 rating
  7. Indianapolis – 54.2 rating
  8. Richmond-Petersburg53.7 rating
  9. Milwaukee – 53.4 rating
  10. Jacksonville – 53.3 rating