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Man sues Georgia over gay license plate ban

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ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) – Cyrus Gilbert began his fight against the state when he was told he couldn’t have “4gaylib”, “gaypwr” or “gayguy” on his license plate.

All three choices are on the states banned list. Gilbert feels he should have the right to represent himself.

Str8guy is not on the list.

“It kind of feels like they put all of these tag requests in a bowl and they kind of picked and chose what they would allow and what they wouldn’t,” said Gilbert.

He’s suing the state of Georgia. Attorney Cynthia Counts thinks this clearly violates Gilbert’s First and Fourteenth amendment rights.  

“There’s always limits for what speech is permitted and there are opportunities for them to restrict really obscene or vulgar license plates but that’s not what we’re dealing with here,” said Counts.