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Horsemeat found in supermarket ‘beef’ burgers

Photo of horse, by Trudy Lott (SOURCE: WHNT)

Photo of horse, by Trudy Lott (SOURCE: WHNT)

LONDON (WTVR)—Tesco, a British supermarket chain, withdrew sale of some beef burgers after samples containing horse DNA were found in tests.

The burgers that tested positive were produced in Ireland and in the United Kingdom, reported Reuters. The burgers had been sold by multiple retailers.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland released a statement that sampled burgers contained only low levels of horsemeat. However, Reuters reported that one Tesco sample contained 29 percent horsemeat.

Authorities say that horsemeat poses no health risk.

An Eatocracy poll from 2012 showed a shift in perception toward horse meat consumption in the United States.


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