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Arrested over haircut coupon dispute

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)—Bargain shopper Donald Ardale’s last “deal” landed him in jail.

When Ardale went to a Best Cuts with a coupon to get a trim for $7.99, employees told him the coupon expired.

Ardale then asked the store to honor the coupon from a competitor, Sport Clips. According to police reports, the employees offered to give him a $3 discount off of the $14.50 haircut.

Store employees only asked that Ardale hand over his entire coupon, which included other offers, for their store records.

When Ardale was unwilling to hand over the coupon with $20 worth of savings, the police were then called. Police issued three options: paying full price for the haircut, receiving a $3 discount or going to jail.

“I’d been there a half hour trying to pay, trying to pay what I owed,” Ardale said.

In frustration over the ordeal, Ardale chose jail. He now faces first-degree misdemeanor charges for the haircut dispute. Ardale said he’s pleading not-guilty to the charges against him. 


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