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VIDEO: Wild Redskins fan uses chainsaw to cut of his boots!

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(WTKR) -- A wild Washington Redskins fan named Chris Cox has posted a wicked video on YouTube.

Cox calls himself the real 12th man and challenges any "real" Seattle Seahawks fans to step up to the plate.

"This is for you RG3. This is for you, Morris," Cox yells. "Morris, I want you to bust through that line like my chainsaw rolling through my boot!" 

That's when Cox fires up his chainsaw to cut the laces of his boots. Then he begins slice off the boot's sole -- WHILE STILL WEARING IT!

Cox uses the chainsaw's sharp blades to first cut off one side of the sole, with his foot propped on top of a plastic bucket, and then he works his way to the other side of the boot. 

"Seattle what are you doing to inspire your boys?"  Cox asks.