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This coyote was spotted in the Midlothian area in 2011. Credit: Photo courtesy of Merle Hirschman

KENT, Wash. – A man said he was attacked by coyotes in his own backyard.

Faron Scarberry told KOMO news that he moved the neighborhood two weeks ago. He said three coyotes attacked him Friday night, while he was walking his dog in the backyard.

Scarberry spent most of the night in the emergency room – diagnosed with a coyote bite and scratches. He had to get 24 rabies shots in his leg and two in his hip, and still has more shots to receive.

He feels fortunate he wasn’t hurt too badly, but fears for the neighborhood kids, and pets.

This isn’t the first sighting in the neighborhood either. Click over to KOMO news to read the rest, and to find out why urban coyotes are persistent this time of year, in certain states.