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Miniature therapy ponies sent to Newtown to help heal

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Trained therapy miniature horses are hoofing it north to help Newtown, Connecticut heal from December’s elementary school shooting. 

The non-profit says families and organizations in Newtown asked them to visit. 

Kids can come pet the small horses and get their picture taken with them. 

The volunteers say it will be a trying journey, but one that will be worth it. 

"It's going to be challenging for all of us,” said Sally Anfinsen, with Gentle Carousel Mini Therapy Horses. “I think just to get through that and try to be happy and be positive and bring miniature horses and not monsters into their school and just brighten it up." 

The group leaves this weekend for Connecticut and plans to stay for a week. 

Several trained golden retrievers were brought in the days after the December 14th attack, providing a similar therapy to those affected by the mass shooting.