ALERT: ‘Sweet Virginia Breeze’ singer-songwriter Robbin Thompson dies

A quite dry 2012


We will finish out the year on a quite dry note.  After developing big rain deficits during the year, the recent rainfall (and snowfall) did not do much to ease the drought in parts of the state.



Richmond had eight months with below normal precipitation, and five of those months were more than one inch below normal.

Here are the departures from normal for each month of 2012 for Richmond:

  • -0.25″     December
  • -2.97″     November  (5th driest November on record)
  • +1.02″    October
  • -0.08″     September
  • -1.16″     August
  • +0.78″    July
  • +0.34″    June
  • -1.33″     May
  • -0.87″     April
  • -1.53″     March
  • +0.46″    February
  • -1.31″     January

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