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Redskins fan once sued by her favorite team faces eviction

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Woman once sued by Redskins faces eviction

(WTVR) — An Alexandria woman who gained notoriety in 2009 after she was sued by her favorite team, the Washington Redskins, is facing eviction.

Pat Hill was a real estate agent for years until the housing market bubble burst. Now she relies on her retirement and social security.

Hill claims over the years she’s used her own money to help neighbors and family members in need. Now she could be losing her home.

In 2009 she was sued by the Redskins for failing to pay her season tickets which she had owned since 1962. The team later dropped the suit.

Now like her favorite team, she’ll fight to keep her home.

Hill’s efforts so far to refinance have been unsuccessful. Her court hearing will be January 4th, where she could learn the fate of her home.

She has lived there for 37 years.