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HATE painted on Richmond Free Press newspaper box – again

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Once again, someone has targeted a Richmond Free Press newspaper box, painting the word “HATE” on the door, blocking the text of the front page.

This incident, at the corner of the Boulevard and  Westwood Avenue, is just the latest for the award-winning paper that has long roots in Richmond’s African-American community.

According to publisher Ray Boone, the Free Press has seen its boxes stolen, flattened by trucks, set on fire and covered with words like WHITE HATER and RACIST during its 20 years in Richmond.

Many who read the Free Press know there’s a political agenda, sort of a counterweight to the historically conservative, at least editorially, Richmond Times-Dispatch. Readers of the paper also know critics are given space in the editorial page.

Watch Mark Holmberg’s interview with Boone, and Mark’s commentary, here on


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