Mom: Daughter shot on scooter now a ‘miracle child’

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EMPORIA, Va. (WTVR) - The little girl hit in the head by a stray bullet while riding her scooter earlier this year is now home for Christmas and ready to open presents.

Shardell Walton, now 12, was shot in April while she rode her scooter outside her Emporia home. Since the shooting, the sixth grader has had two surgeries, one just three weeks ago.

Walton said she does not remember what happened that day. Police said the child was hit when a man opened fire on his ex-girlfriend's mini-van. The  shooting came just hours after the shooting suspect was released from jail and served with a protective order.

Walton's family called her recovery a miracle. They said family, friends and prayer helped them through the ordeal.

Walton said because of her time in the hospital, she decided she wanted to become a nurse when she grows up.

"They [the nurses at VCU Medical Center] were good. That's why I want to be a nurse now, because I like all of my nurse," she said.