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Virginia AG Cuccinelli wants to tackle mental illness

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RICHMOND (WTVR) - Several bills will be introduced in the 2013 General Assembly session that deal with gun control and violence. 

CBS reached out to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the presumptive Republican nominee for governor to see whether he would support any legislation being introduced. 

He issued this response to CBS 6:

"The shootings in Connecticut were a horrific tragedy.  We in Virginia, along with the entire country, mourn the loss of those precious lives.

The issue of mental illness is one that we have seen play a role time and again in this and several other shootings.  As a lawyer in private practice, I was a legal advocate for the mentally ill; and as a senator and attorney general, I have been a vocal advocate for mental health issues and the proper treatment of the mentally ill.  Thus, I am very familiar with this issue. 

It will be important in the weeks and months ahead to have discussions within Virginia and around the country how we can better identify those who may be a danger to themselves and to others, find appropriate ways to intervene, and get them the help they need before things escalate to tragic consequences."