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“Godless” billboards turn some heads

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(WTVR) - Some billboards in a Virginia town are turning heads.

Less than one week before Christmas an atheist group put up billboards that they call godless.

The billboards are posted in three Southwest Virginia towns; Salem, Vinton and Roanoke, 

The signs are scheduled to stay up for a month.

"We're not trying to be offensive in any way," said Paul Hoyt, Coordinator with the group the Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason.

But many people who have come across the signs have a different view.

"It's insulting you know around Christmas-- to see that it's insulting." said Shelby Mahaffey.

The organization paid $3,500 dollars to have the billboards posted. 

They say the signs are intended to reach out to fellow atheists and agnostics.

They also say they are not trying to change anyone's minds.