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Richmond fatal shooting likely a justified self-defense

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Richmond, Va. (WTVR)--A deadly shooting started off as a robbery. 

Police sources tell CBS 6 that the resident at the Jefferson Trace apartments on the city's Southside was just taking his trash out.

He walked up to the dumpster and a man approached him with a shotgun.

A shooting broke out, that ended in front of Clarissa Harvey’s front door.

"They [police] rolled him over and pulled it out on the ground, I saw the shotgun."

Police sources told CBS 6 that the robber was toting a shotgun and demanded money.

Sources said things didn't end well for the robber. The man carrying his trash out pulled out his own weapon and fired a deadly shot

Mike Herring, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, said his office has been briefed

“It's very early but our preliminary findings suggests that it is a justified self-defense at this point,” Herring said. “There does not appear to be a criminal case, but police are still looking into the matter."

The day after, Harvey said things look like they're getting back to normal

There's an additional police presence, but she said it's a welcomed sight and she prays nothing like this happens again.

“Especially this time of year--people are so crazy.” They try to get something for nothing you know,” Harvey said. “If you want something, go work for it, don't take what someone else has--especially by force."

Police cruisers have been circling this Southside neighborhood all morning.Police sources say they are now looking into whether if the man that was shot to death was involved in other recent robberies.