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HOLMBERG: Why it hurts so much

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)- The tragedy in Connecticut has devastated many across the nation, perhaps like never before.

Because most of the victims are children - little ones completely dependent on us.

Children are the best part of us.

They look at the world with open hearts.

They can say I love you without opening their mouths.

They hold onto us because they believe in us like no one else.

When the world seems mean, there they are saying:  look at me!

They’re not afraid to fall because, to them, the earth is soft,

And filled with many good and marvelous things.

They show us how to give,

And how to receive,

And remind us why we should never leave.

Yes, they are  innocence.

Yes,  they’re trust.

Yes, we know how they depend on us.

They bring strong men to tears,

And  strength to all women,

For all of their  years.

And for that, we sing Hallelujah!

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