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Disney’s new Fantasyland takes flight with fire-breathing dragon

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL (WTVR) -Ā It is not unusual to see fireworks over the Disney's Magic Kingdom at night but on Wednesday guests got to see something they have never seen before: a flying, fire breathing dragon. The amazing spectacle is all part of the fanfare surrounding the new and improved Fantasyland, which opens Thursday.

The New Fantasyland, is the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history, it's been a part of the park since opening in 1971, but the new expansion takes visitors outside the gates of the castle and into a new realm.

"Enchanted Tales with Belle" allows guests to walk through a magic mirror to meet the characters from "Beauty and the Beast." Underneath Beast's castle, the "Be Our Guest" restaurant serves up lunch and dinner inside the iconic ballroom.

After exploring Belle's village, guests can take a short walk to tropical paradise, home to "The Little Mermaid."

The attractions are designed to keep guests entertained as they're waiting in line, like the furnishings scattered throughout Belle's cottage and some animated crabs that crawl around the rocks as visitors enter "The Little Mermaid."