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Police: Surveillance video shows suspect trying to blow up ATM

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ATM Blast

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WTVR) — A credit union in Fredericksburg is back open after authorities say someone tried to blow up an ATM machine early Wednesday morning. 

Fredericksburg Police’s Natatia Bledsoe said officers were called to the Virginia Credit Union on Gordon Shelton Boulevard around 9 a.m. after an employee spotted damage to the outside ATM machine located in the drive-thru.

Police found evidence of an explosive device and a resident at a nearby apartment complex told cops she heard a loud explosion around 4 a.m. that set off car alarms outside the building.

That resident also reported seeing a person walking around outside the bank at the time of the boom.

Police said surveillance video from the bank does show someone walking up, placing a device at the base of the ATM and running away. Moments later, an explosion takes place.

The blast only caused some minor damage to the ATM machhine, but did blow out the lights in the drive-thru area.

However, the blast did not allow access to the money inside the ATM, and in fact, the ATM still worked.

A bomb detection dog from the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office “indicated” on a scent near the dumpster.

That forced investigators to evacuate the bank and the six apartments closest to the crime scene to make sure there were no explosives in the dumpster.

Virginia State Police’s arson unit  was called in to help, but nothing dangerous was discovered. The all clear was given around 2 p.m. 

Detectives are expected to remain on the scene until dark collecting evidence at the credit union.

If you have information that could help police, call 540-373-3122.