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Suspect breaks into ‘wrong’ home

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OKLAHOMA CITY (WTVR) - It appears a burglary suspect chose the wrong home to break into this week. KFOR-TV reported the suspect broke into the home of kick boxer and personal trainer Norm Houston.

“I heard a thumbing noise on my garage door,” Houston told KFOR. “I swung open my backdoor and somebody was standing there.”

Suspect Jonathan Wise (PHOTO: Oklahoma City Police)

Suspect Jonathan Wise (PHOTO: Oklahoma City Police)

The two got into a fight right there in the garage, Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight told KFOR.

“The burglar started out by apologizing to him for getting into the garage and said he had fixed the damage only to follow that up by punching him in the face,” Knight said.

Needless to say, Houston fought back.

The suspect had to be taken to the hospital before going to jail.

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