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NEVADA, Texas (WFAA) - A mother and her five-year-old son had a close call Thursday when a bullet from a nearby gun range shattered their car window.

Krisha Jones said it happened moments after she buckled her 5-year-old son Parkin into his car seat. She said she was backing out of the driveway to take the boy to school when she heard something strange.

"It was a loud pop. I had turned around thinking my tire had popped [or] one of the kid's toys left under my car," Jones said. "I put the car in park and got out and was like 'Oh my God... There is a bullet in my car!'"

The stray bullet had shattered the window, just inches from where she strapped in her son.

Jones said the shot came from the neighboring Armadillo Gun Range, which is about 100 yards from her home. In fact, she said customers sometimes fire in her direction and that her house has been hit at least four times since the range opened.

Over the summer, owners of the gun range added dirt and built up the berm to prevent stray bullets from flying over.

Relatives say Collin County deputies told them there does not seem to be any intent with this incident, meaning this is likely only a civil matter.

"He said they can't shut them down unless someone ended up passing away over it -- gets killed," Dylan Edwards, Jones' brother, said.   

Officials said there is no agency regulating gun ranges in Texas and that sheriff's deputies are still investigating what happened.

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