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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 10 thieves make of with millions in jewelry

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HOUSTON (KPRC) - Houston police are trying to catch about 10 robbers who stole a million dollars worth of jewelry and cash from a flea market on Black Friday.

Cameras were rolling when a group of about 10 men stormed a northeast Houston flea market just before closing time.

In less than four minutes, police say the mass thieves got away with a million dollars worth of designer jewelry and cash.

Sam Smith, who frequently shops at the Houston Bargain Center, says he was stunned when he learned about the high-priced heist.

"That's a lot of stuff to get away with," he said. "It's sad, it's pitiful."

The armed robbery happened at 6:09 p.m. when the group barged in and forced the armed security guard to the floor, before cuffing him, taking his gun and ransacking two of the five stores that make up the building.

Police say the men forced customers and workers to the ground and threatened their lives while pointing guns to their heads.

One camera angle shows that while a handful of suspects played lookout, the others used hammers to smash the glass cases of the two jewelry stores inside.

Detectives say they swiped diamond rings, Rolex watches and other high-end jewelry. And when the merchandise in the front wasn't enough, police say they forced both owners to their back rooms and demanded the money from each safe.

Once the bad guys stuffed everything in their duffle bags, backpacks and garbage bags, they ran out and jumped into a white van before gunning the gas.

One of the storeowners says he is not happy with the police department's response to the robbery.  In fact, he says it took them 16 minutes to get there after he pushed the panic button.