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Couple shot at after recording reckless driver on cell phone

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OAKLAND, Ca. (WTVR) - You may want to think twice before getting into a fight with other drivers on the road.

Police in Oakland, California, say a couple was shot at because of it , and part of the bizarre incident was caught on camera.

Officers say the couple noticed a man driving recklessly and the husband began recording him on a cell phone.

The other driver and his passenger noticed they were being filmed, drove up next to the couple at a stop, and pulled out a gun, demanding the couple hand over the cell phone.

"The backdoor of the [couple's] car opens up and one of the suspects gets inside. The husband gets into a struggle with the suspect. The husband's able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife 'hit the gas, get out of here,'" said Ofc. Johnna Watson, with Oakland Police.

Police say the couple got out before one of the alleged gunmen fired a shot, striking the couple's car. No one was hit.

The two men were arrested. Officers say they're facing attempted robbery, brandishing a weapon, and reckless driving charges.