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Report says that pork products chock full of dangerous bacteria

( CBS) - A new study from Consumer Reports suggests the pork chops and
ground pork you eat may be chock full of bacteria.

Of nearly 200 pork samples tested by Consumer Reports, many tested positive for Salmonella, Listeria, and Staph Bacteria.

The magazine says a whopping 69% contained Yersinia, which infects nearly 100,000 Americans every year. Children are especially vulnerable.

Even more, 90% of the bacteria Consumer reports said to be resistant to antibiotics. In other words, they were Superbugs.

Scott Hurd, a former top food safety official says Consumer Reports is
"inflamed and used a small amount of data to frighten people."

Hurd says the sample size of the Consumer Reports study is too small to draw
any broader conclusions.


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