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Bogus FBI pop-up locks woman’s computer

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -  These days many people avoid certain pop up ads and websites as they surf the net.

But what happens when your computer screen simply goes white and a message from the FBI pops up?

Laura Johnson said a screenshot of a warning from the FBI that if she didn't pay a $300 dollar fine within 72 hours. And if that wasn't bad enough, it also locked up her computer for 72 hours.

"I tried to go into the security settings, [but] it won't allow me to go to my desktop. The screen is just here, it's not going to go anywhere," she said.

However, the Richmond woman quickly figured out that the message was a scam. She said she knew it was bogus because she spotted misspellings. Plus, she hadn't been to any sites listed in the message.

Finally she knew, if the FBI really wanted her, they wouldn't send her a message on her computer.

The Better Business Bureau says similar cyber attacks have happened across the country. And unfortunately, the organization says many people have been falling for the scam. In fact some people have been taken to the tune of $200 to $300.

The Better Business Bureau says a simple phone call to the BBB or the police could help save folks a lot of money and help them from being a victim.

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